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School Years Photo Frame - Multi Aperture Frame. 20x40cm.

School Years Photo Frame - Multi Aperture Frame. 20x40cm.

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This beautiful multi-aperture frame is designed to capture the journey of your child's school years, from the early days in Nursery to the final moments of Year 12. The frame features individual slots for each school year, labelled from "Nursery" to "Year 12," allowing you to chronologically arrange and display the progression of your child's growth and accomplishments.

In the centre of the frame, the middle aperture is adorned with the text "School Years," serving as a focal point that highlights the overarching theme of the collection. Whether your child has completed their schooling or is still on the journey, this frame encapsulates the memories and milestones of their educational experience.

Each photo slot provides the perfect space to showcase cherished school portraits, capturing the essence of each stage of your child's development. From adorable smiles in Nursery to proud graduation moments in Year 12, this frame celebrates the entirety of their academic journey.

Crafted with quality materials and attention to detail, this multi-aperture frame is not just a piece of décor but a timeless keepsake that will be treasured for years to come, preserving the memories of your child's school years in a beautiful and meaningful display.

Available in a selection of colours, including black, white, pale grey, dark grey, walnut and oak. The Frame moulding size is 22mm wide and 22mm deep. This includes a quality, bevelled, acid free mount. All frames have a woodgrain finish, with a perspex/styrene window, MDF backboard and hanging fixtures.
This frame is Wall Hanging, and can be hung landscape or portrait.
This Frame is designed to hold Fourteen 2x2" photographs. The visible aperture is 4.5x4.5cm.
Overall size of the frame is 23.5cmx43.5cm

Hangs Landscape. This frame is wall hanging. 

White Display Stand is not included and used for display purposes only.
Please note, that the photo size is not the exact cut out of the mount, as the mount needs to slightly overlap the photograph to ensure it doesn't fall through.




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