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Premium Wedding Signing Frames. Cambridge Range. 40x50cm. Wedding Guestbook.

Premium Wedding Signing Frames. Cambridge Range. 40x50cm. Wedding Guestbook.

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Premium Wedding Signing Frames - Traditional Range
Make your wedding day unforgettable with our stunning framed alternative to a traditional guest book. Invite your guests to sign around your personalized photo or text box, creating a unique and lasting memory.

This interactive frame allows your guests to leave heartfelt messages and well-wishes, and after your special day, it becomes a beautiful piece of art to display in your home. It serves as a daily reminder of the joyous occasion and the loved ones who celebrated with you.

Our Premium range offers a high-quality frame, with a quality bevelled mount. Designed for you to add your own personal touch by adding a photo, perfectly capturing the love you share.

The outer mount measures 40x50cm, with an inner aperture of 8x6 inches, providing ample space for guest’s signatures. The bright white, untextured mount creates a clean and elegant display for their messages.

The outer frame measures 46x56cm. All of our Premium wedding frames are crafted from real wood, with a perspex front, MDF backboard and hanging fixtures. The Frame moulding size is 35mm wide and 15mm deep. This Frame Style is an Italian wood with a woodgrain finish.

The frame is shipped with protective Perspex, which should be removed for signing and replaced before hanging to keep your memento pristine.
Our wedding signing frame offers a more interactive, durable, and visually appealing way to capture the memories of your wedding day, providing a lasting and cherished keepsake that you can enjoy every day.




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