Why should i have a double mount with my picture?

A double picture mount, also known as a double mat or double matting, is a type of picture mount that uses two layers of matting material instead of one.

The top layer of matting has a cut-out window that is smaller than the bottom layer, creating a border or "reveal" that shows the colour of the bottom layer of matting material.

This technique can add depth and visual interest to a framed picture or artwork, and it is often used in more formal or decorative settings.

Double picture mounts can be created with a variety of colour combinations and layering options, this allows for a high degree of customization to match the artwork and the desired aesthetic.

The use of double matting can also provide additional protection for the artwork by creating a larger gap between the picture and the frame, reducing the risk of damage from moisture or direct contact with the glass/perspex. 

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