What is a golf flag display frame

A golf flag display frame is a type of picture frame designed specifically to hold and display a golf flag. Golf flags are typically small flags that are placed on top of the flagstick on a golf course to indicate the location of the hole.

Golf flag display frames are popular among golf enthusiasts as a way to commemorate a memorable round of golf or a significant achievement on the course, such as a hole-in-one.

The frame typically has a rectangular shape with an opening in the centre to accommodate the flag, and may be made of wood or metal. Some golf flag display frames also come with an engraved plate to allow for customization with the golfer's name, the date of the round, or other details.


Our Golf flag display frames are designed to give the illusion that your flag is floating, with a box style moulding, and 3D cavity.

These Frames have a 3D cavity to allow depth for your flag. This product is designed for you to fit the flag yourself using hook and loop fastening dots, which are provided, alternatively, acid-free double sided tape would be sufficient.

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