What is a custom frame?

What is a custom frame?

A custom frame is a frame that is made to fit a specific piece of artwork, photograph, or object. Unlike pre-made frames that come in standard sizes and designs, custom frames are tailored to fit the exact dimensions and style preferences of the piece being framed.

A custom frame is specifically designed for you, your home decor, and the item being framed. The frame protects your artwork, as well as enhancing the image itself.

By choosing a particular finish, you can complement the colours in your artwork, the subject as well as the style. 

Choosing the right style and size moulding can enhance the art, and tie in to your home decor. 

We have a range of frame styles here. All of our custom made frames are wooden, and are assembled, by hand, in our warehouse by one of our expert framers. 

Not sure what colour or style works for you or your item? message us. With over 30 years experience, i'm sure we can help!


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