What is a Box Frame

A box frame, also known as a shadow box frame or deep frame, is a type of picture frame that has a deep, three-dimensional design.

The frame is typically deeper than a standard frame, with a spacer between the glass or acrylic front and the backing board to accommodate thicker items, such as 3D objects or layered artwork.

Box frames are often used to display memorabilia, such as sports jerseys, medals, or collectibles, as well as artwork that has a sculptural or layered quality, such as collages or mixed media pieces.

The depth of the frame allows the objects or artwork to stand out and create a dramatic effect, as well as providing protection and support for the artwork.

Box frames come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials, and can be customized to suit your individual needs and preferences. They are a popular choice for displaying cherished items and creating unique and eye-catching wall décor.

We offer a range of made to measure box frames, with two depths to accommodate your items. 

Made To Measure - Box/Craft Frames - 18mm deep. – PhotoFramesandMore

Made To Measure - Box/Craft Frames - 28mm deep – PhotoFramesandMore

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