Tips on how to frame a black and white photo

Tips on how to frame a black and white photo

Framing black and white photos can be a great way to enhance their visual impact and bring attention to their unique qualities. Here are some steps to follow when framing black and white photos:

  1. Choose the right frame: Consider the style and theme of your photo when choosing a frame. A classic black or white frame can work well for most black and white photos, but you may also want to consider a wooden or metallic frame, depending on the style of your photo.

  2. Select the Mount Colour: A mat board can help to separate your photo from the frame and add a professional touch. For black and white photos, a white or off-white mat board is a classic choice that will provide a clean and timeless look. You may also want to consider a black mat board for a more dramatic effect. You can also play with the size of the mat. Sometimes black and white photos look great with a very wide mat. Using double mat boards is a good way to add depth to your photograph.

  3. Mount the photo: Once you have selected your frame and mat board, it's time to mount your photo. You can use photo corners, adhesive strips, masking tape or other mounting options to secure your photo to the mat board.

  4. Assemble the frame: Carefully assemble your frame, making sure that the mat board and photo are securely in place. Check that everything is straight and centred, and then fasten the back of the frame.

  5. Hang or display your framed photo: Finally, it's time to hang or display your framed photo. Choose a prominent spot where it can be enjoyed and appreciated, such as a living room, bedroom or office.

Remember that framing is a personal preference, and you should feel free to experiment with different styles and materials until you find the look that best suits your photo and personal style.



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