Wedding Photo Gifts and Framing ideas.

Wedding Photo Gifts and Framing ideas.

If a family member or friend is getting married and you would like to give them something more meaningful than cash or a voucher... A way to encapsulate and treasure their most special day. 


Multi Aperture Frames

Create a collage from their wedding day and create a wonderful collage. Or choose pictures of milestone moments and assemble in one frame, such as photos from their first holiday together, their first wedding they went to as a couple, their engagement day. 

We have a wide range of multi photo frames to show a story, timeline, or an amazing day, with different photo sizes, photo amounts and layouts. 

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Frame your wedding invitation! 

Your wedding invitation is a lovely reminder of the couples wedding day. We have a wide selection of Photo frames to suit a range of invitation sizes. If your invite is a more unusual size, we could cut a bespoke mount to suit. 

Framing your wedding invitation can be a lovely, cost effective present, with an added personalised touch. 


Caption Frames

We offer a range of caption frames for you to write your own personalised message along with a photo. You can add a special quote, the date and time the couple were married, loads of possibilities! 

Frame a Centre Piece, Bouquet or Floral arrangement

Capture a moment of the day, with a piece from the day. From a centre piece, Bouquet, Floral arrangement, Ribbon, Menu, order of service, we can create a shadow box frame to accommodate. 


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