How to match a Frame to my Artwork

Matching the frame to the artwork can help enhance the visual impact of the piece and create a cohesive look in your space.


Here are some tips for choosing the right frame for your artwork:

  1. Consider the style of the artwork. The frame should complement the style of the artwork. For example, ornate frames may work well with traditional or classic artwork, while sleek and modern frames may be better suited for contemporary pieces.

  2. Think about the colours in the artwork: Look for colours in the artwork that you want to highlight or complement. Choose a frame colour that either matches or contrasts with these colours. Are your colours Warm or Cold? a woodland scene in the sunshine with warmer tones may work better with a natural wood or gold, where as a misty sea scene may suit a colder colour such as a dark grey.

  3. Pay attention to the size of the artwork: Consider the size of the artwork when choosing a frame. A larger piece may require a thicker or more substantial frame, while a smaller piece may benefit from a thinner or more delicate frame.

  4. Consider the materials of the artwork: The materials of the artwork can also influence your frame choice. For example, a rustic or natural artwork may look best with a wooden frame, while a sleek and modern piece may be better suited for a metal frame.

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