How to Frame a Cross-stitch

Framing a cross stitch is a great way to showcase your handiwork and preserve it for years to come. Here are the basic steps to frame a cross stitch:

  1. Choose a frame: Select a frame that complements the colour and style of your cross stitch. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate the entire piece, including any border or matting you plan to use.  - We have a range of frames available here: Ready Made Frames – PhotoFramesandMore or if your cross stitch is an unusual size, we can custom create a frame to suit: Made To Measure Frames and Mounts – PhotoFramesandMore

  2. Prepare the cross stitch: If your cross stitch is still on the embroidery hoop or frame, remove it carefully. Press the fabric with an iron to remove any creases or wrinkles.
  3. Cut a backing board: Cut a mounting board to fit inside the frame. The board should be slightly smaller than the frame opening, leaving room for a border or matting. 

  4. Attach the cross stitch: Centre the cross stitch, and stretch this over tha backing board. attach this with acid-free tape or glue. Be careful not to pull the fabric too tightly, as this can distort the design.

  5. Add a Mount: If desired, cut a piece of matting to fit over the mounting board and around the cross stitch. Choose a colour that complements the cross stitch and adds visual interest. Attach the matting with acid-free tape. All our of mounts are acid free with a machine-cut bevelled edge. See our mounts here: Made To Measure Bevelled, Acid free Mounts. Read Description Carefully before ordering. – PhotoFramesandMore

  6. Frame the cross stitch: Place the mounting board into the frame and secure it in place. Add a protective cover, such as perspex, to keep the cross stitch clean and dust-free.

With these steps, your cross stitch should be beautifully framed and ready to display.

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